Neural Networks Capital is a Texas-based firm that focuses on investing in frontier technologies and entrepreneurs who are solving some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.

Our focus

Neural Networks Cap focuses on the following key themes, which are key learnings from its founder‘s decade-plus work in the internet and technology industries


Platform companies with built in feedback loops, network effects and declining / zero marginal costs.


Vertically integrated machine learning applications with short distance to sensor data and embedded data flywheel.


New industrial technologies that will scale exponentially with rapidly declining cost curves as a function of units produced.


Entrepreneurs deeply motivated by the scale and urgency of the problems they are solving with solutions grounded in first principle thinking.


Products and experiences that connect our global communities, including metaverse, virtual economies and next generation gaming.


NNC invests in both public and growth stage private companies



Stanley Yuan is a serial entrepreneur with 1x successful exit. Stanley founded Otto Radio (news & podcasts focused) & hibooks (audiobooks focused) in 2014, two of the fastest audio apps at the time, and grew them to 5 million users globally. The company was acquired by one of the largest audio platforms with 250 million users.

Otto raised funds from top venture firms, struck distribution partnerships with Uber & Samsung, and was named the Best Audio Startup in 2016 by industry publication. Stanley was profiled in the Wall Street Journal & PC Magazine with his innovations in the digital media space.

Stanley started his career at Goldman Sachs on its internet banking team and was a top-tier analyst. Stanley participated in the Alibaba IPO and principal investments in the internet space on behalf of Goldman Sachs. Stanley graduated top 15% from Columbia University with a degree in applied mathematics

Current projects in Stanley’s product studio includes: